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Messed-up days and rude emails

So. Everything was going well, GB was back at school and, amazingly, did his homework the minute he came home, and I was getting to grips with the pile of urgent admin that has been urgent for at least a year. I was all set to go to a theological forum today and tomorrow, and had even read the emailed copies of today’s indigestible papers. Then I woke up this morning and found a boy in my bed, making little grumpy noises. Turns out he was feeling ill and achy. Thoughts of possible swine flu (although I think he has probably already had it) made me feel I couldn’t possibly leave him alone at home ill, and I was feeling pretty exhausted myself at the thought of academic papers and discussion all day. So I rang the school and the conference organizers, and spent the morning messing about online while my cleaner cleaned, and the afternoon asleep. Meanwhile GB, as I might have known, declared he was feeling better. No swine flu then.

This means that in the event of his being fit for school tomorrow (which is likely), I have to decide whether I can spend the day catching up on a forum of which I have missed more than half, when I am still feeling pretty foul myself. Also I have just sent a really rude email to my bank (starting with Dear Stupid Banker!) about which I now feel really ashamed, and don’t feel like showing my face in public at all.

But really – what am I to say to a bank that sends me my user name for online banking, promises I will have a password within five days, and I still haven’t got it two months later; then when I email to point this out, and they reply to say it will be sent in the next five days, they then send me an anonymous email saying that as I have not yet activated my online banking I will have to ring them up! But the reason I haven’t activated online banking is that THE IDIOTS HAVEN’T SENT ME MY PASSWORD YET!

What kind of numpties work at these places – don’t they read their own correspondence? But still I feel bad because they are a nice ethical bank and I ought to be forgiving, and I am supposed to be non-violent in deed and word… Let’s just hope they laugh at ‘Dear Stupid Banker’…

Methuselah and all that

Thoughts on Tractorgirl’s blog about teaching religion have reminded me that this morning at breakfast son started telling me about what he’d learned about the early chapters of Genesis in RS. In particular, about characters such as Adam and Eve and Methuselah living 900+ years. I was holding my breath waiting for him to ask about how literally we were meant to take this, but it turns out the subject of the lesson was different interpretations of texts, so I guess he’s already been introduced to the question of symbolic readings (phew!).

He went on to tell me about the symbolic story he’d written in class, to express the concept of the Fall. It was very clever and funny, all about people walking backwards off a cliff to get the gold that was at the bottom, but dying in the process; while all the time there were pots of gold available on an easily reached platform but they didn’t see it because they were walking backwards. Rather profound, really (how can I work that into a Bible reading note?), and impressive for a kid who’s supposed to have Asperger’s and therefore not be good at symbolism. But it’s a very tentative diagnosis anyway – though I don’t mention that when there are any potential benefits from the diagnosis! (Such as queue-jumping at Legoland…).