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Calm after the storm

Further to the report of an explosion last Sunday – The Grouch says I have been so much better all week since exploding, that he doesn’t mind if I have to do it occasionally. Hmmm…

Tongue now less excruciating than it was, and dentist is referring me to the dental hospital, probably for op #3 on my tongue. If ever you feel the need to practise for being tortured when Christianity becomes illegal, I recommend having anaesthetic injections in your tongue. I’ve done it twice and I am definitely torture-ready.

Query: is blogging a bit like marital sex? You start all enthusiastic, doing it every day, and then as the novelty wears off it goes down to every few days, and then once a week, and then pretty soon… no, I’d better not go there.


Mostly owing to trying to drive The Grouch’s van on Sunday morning (because he’d taken the car to take son and friend and friend’s film critic dad to a preview), and not succeeding very well (stalled three times and nearly burned out the clutch), on Sunday night I totally blew up at him for not using air freshener spray in the toilet. This was not nice, either for The Grouch and Genius Brat, or for myself – the screaming made my throat hurt. I have a book on my shelves which I am meaning to read, called The Explosive Child. I think I need a companion book called The Explosive Parent.

It seems however that screaming can be therapeutic, since I’ve been feeling much better since then. There must be a less traumatic way, as Pooh almost said as he bumped down the stairs on his head.

Have not however been very inspired to blog. Can report that the Bodyclock is definitely helping me get up in the morning, and possibly to sleep better at night. Also, we had our second night out in less than a week, to see the film Pleasantville which was being shown by our local film buff who also happens to be the director of the Mennonite Centre. Interesting film – sadly the audience was The Grouch, myself and two staff of the place it was shown in. Otherwise life is the usual round of doctor’s appointments, osteopath appointments, child and adolescent mental health appointments, and I really must ring the dentist to get him to look at my excruciating tongue. I think I shall stick it out at him..