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Gooseberry bushes

I absolutely refuse to believe, even though I read it in Marie Claire at the hairdresser’s, that the founder of a sperm donor clinic in Copenhagen is called Ms Stork. Next thing they’ll be saying babies arrive under a gooseberry bush.

As result of said visit to hairdresser I am now blonder than ever. No wonder my memory is getting so bad.

Another thing I refuse to believe is that I actually agree with something the BNP has said. Apparently they want troops out of Afghanistan immediately. This is however not enough (and nothing will ever be enough) to make me vote for them.

I fear in any case that their policy on this is nothing to do with the fact that killing people is a really bad way to solve problems, and everything to do with their ‘Fortress Britain’ mentality. They seem to think we shouldn’t be in Afghanistan because Afghans are bloody foreigners and don’t deserve our help. (Not quite sure why this doesn’t apply to Iraq as well.) As a bloody foreigner myself I am not likely to agree. If the BNP find out I am a second generation immigrant they will probably want to repatriate me to Austria. Can’t be long before they go for the Jews…