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It is worrying that young women have started to offer me their seats on the Tube. Perhaps the other driver in my recent prang was not so wrong when she described me on her insurance form as a ‘white elderly lady’.

Meanwhile, an update on the software situation: my hubby has now managed to download for me a copy of iWork Pages, which will read all my old Appleworks files and turn them into iWork files. It seems relatively easy to use except that various things which were quick and simple on AppleWorks are now slow and complicated. Change and decay in all around I see….

Oh, and I went into London for a completely unnecessary appointment today at the maxillo-facial clinic. When I got there they said, ‘What are you doing here? I thought we had discharged you a year ago’, and I said ‘So did I, but you sent me another appointment’. So they discharged me again and off I went. What a waste of time.


Latest from my local Freecycle: ‘WANTED: Rubber cap for tubular leg’. Is it just me or does that sound disconcertingly surgical? (it turns out it was something to do with a bike rack on a car…).

Getting back to loftier matters, eleven of us sang our guts out at Turnpike Lane* underground last night in aid of Christian Aid. In our years of experience of this annual event, we have discovered that it takes precisely one and a half hours to sing one’s way through the entire Bethlehem carol sheet (with a short break for mulled wine, homebaked mince pies and Pfeffernüsse, provided by yours truly).

I then went to Covent Garden to meet a Shipmate and we had a good girly chat about flooded basements, plumbers etc. As if I didn’t get enough about plumbing in my day job as a plumber’s spouse…

Talking of which, things are looking good for said plumber to bag a job at a  Further  Education College, teaching mechanical engineering. This would be a considerable change in our daily lives but he has really had enough of crawling under sinks now. Especially since he hit a magical birthday this year (half-century, in case you’re interested).

*or, in the terms of the anagrammatical Tube map (see Wibsite home page for sample), ‘Internal Puke’.