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Some days end better than they start. Today started badly with being woken early by hubby’s radio and him not switching it off soon enough. Breakfast ruined by discovering both of my cartons of UHT lactose-free milk had gone off, before even being opened.

Then my attempt to write a sermon on Psalms hit the buffers as I was trying to read Walter Brueggemann without taking in a single word. So I went and lay down and slept for an hour or so.

After that things improved a lot as I walked to my new favourite café to have a lovely lunch with a lovely lunching lady. Walked home again, which fulfilled my exercise requirement for the day, and found I could miraculously understand Walter Brueggemann after all. Drafted an outline of the sermon so that I won’t have to start from scratch again tomorrow.

Dinner was a bit of a downer as I found one of the two packets of ravioli was totally mouldy even though the use by date was July 17th. I will be sending a stern email to Ocado about the sudden dive in quality. However, the evening was my singing group, which always puts me in a better mood. And coming home in the car I put my Prog Rock album in again, and nothing is so cheering as The Nice’s instrumental version of Bernstein’s America. Some days improve as they go along…